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Planting white asparagus - tips for location & care

Asparagus from your own garden is a fine thing. It takes about 3 years until the first harvest. So that then asparagus sprout from the soil, there are a few things to consider when planting. Growing asparagus takes time and effort, but the effort is worth it: freshly harvested, the white stalks simply taste best.
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Multiply Norway maple - 3 options explained in detail

Norway maple is not suitable for every garden because of its size. Those who have traveled to a tree can multiply it by three different variants. The Norway maple is particularly popular in spring. The trees sprout early and, with their yellow-green flower umbels, add a welcome splash of color.
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Garden Tips

Multiply gardenias - This is how the jasmine rose is grown

Gardenias impress with their bright white and fragrant flowers. No wonder if amateur gardeners want to own more than just one plant. Here's the good news: growing gardenias is a breeze. If you observe the attractive tropical plants in bloom, you may be thinking about looking after the flower window and increasing the gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides).
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8 very poisonous perennials in the garden

Poisonous perennials in the garden can cause symptoms of poisoning in people and especially children. Our list shows 8 highly toxic specimens. Don't worry: not every perennial is poisonous - perennials in the garden with their sonorous names, magnificent flowers or tempting fruits delight hobby gardeners and viewers alike.
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